Senior Full-Stack Engineer

From Front to Back.

We are hiring a Senior Full Stack Engineer to help us build the best gaming platform for Esports fans and players. You like to be amongst first ones the project and will help set up the foundation for frontend and backend. By example you set good standards and practices for the development team. You have experience and ability to work with different technical stacks delivering quality code both on backend and frontend. We appreciate engineers who express themselves deeply and speak clearly. Working on early stage products excites you and you love collaborating with product team to find best solutions for the product.

You understand that this is a team sport and that we can only win together.

If you are passionate about gaming, Esports and working with the latest technologies, you will have a blast working at FirstBlood.

You will be:

- Working with our core leadership to select the best tools to solve complex problems.
- Shipping features both on frontend and backend on a daily level
- Setting up a tech environment to work on the product
- Designing and specifying architecture for our for product and features
- Helping fellow engineers grow their technical skills through mentorship, code reviews and writing good documentation

We’d love to see:

- 4+ years of experience with Javascript and Javascript frameworks (Angular, React).
- 2+ year of experience with Node.js
- 2+ experience with scaling databases (SQL preferred)
- Vast experience with designing and working with APIs
- Experience with Nginx or other web server deployment tool
- Experience scaling web apps
- You are comfortable working and jumping in wherever is needed
- You know your way around Git
- Experience working with Docker
- AWS experience
- You are motivated, self driven and lead by example
- Excellent communication skills (English is a must)
- Strong analytical thinking and comfortable with decision making
- Curious by nature and want to know how things work from product perspective

Bonus points:

- Experience with Electron
- Managed a team of developers before
- Experience with setting up stacks and deciding on work
- Experience working with project tools such as Github, Jira, Trello
- Worked in a startup environment before
- You are passionate about games.
- You know a thing or two about the blockchain.

You get:

- A chance to work with one of the hottest companies in blockchain space
- Opportunity to lead and build your team
- To work remotely from home few days a week (spend that saved commuting time however you like).
- A competitive salary with benefits and perks.
- A chance to co-own the company by earning equity.

Don’t forget to include these in your application:

- Link to Github or Stackoverflow account if you have them
- CV and LinkedIn with links to projects
- Tell us what excites you the most about this role in few sentences