Social Media Internship

We love our interns!

We are hiring a Social Media Intern to help us spread the words of the best gaming platform in front of Esports fans and players . You will be working directly with our Community Director to brainstrom ideas, organize Esports events and talk to our community members via different social channels!

We value our interns! We appreciate interns who express themselves deeply and not afraid to speak out their ideas!.

If you are passionate about gaming, Esports and working with the latest technologies, you will have a blast working at FirstBlood.

We’d love to see applicants who:

- Have a good sense of humour - we can't have a stiff behind our social accounts.
- Are comfortable with Twitter, facebook, instagram, snapchat.
- Are comfortable with Twitch, YouTube, etc. - video editing skills would be a massive bonus.
- Are Proficient with Snapchat.
- Who understands social media analytics.
- Learn and adapt quickly.
- Play Dota 2.
- Have participated in gaming communities before (could be a forum, Discord, a tournament, etc).
- Have great copy editing and proof reading skills, with meticulous attention to spelling and grammar.

Bonus points for applicants who:

- Are passionate gamers.
- Have moderated or administrated a forum or discord/curse community before.
- Have a respectable MMR in Dota 2.
- Have streamed on twitch/YouTube/Hitbox before.
- Have basic scripting skills so they can speed up and/or automate their mundane tasks.

You get:

- A chance to work with one of the hottest companies in blockchain space
- Ability to work remotely from home

Don’t forget to include these in your application:

- CV or LinkedIn
- Dota2 Profile if you have one
- Tell us what excites you the most about this role in few sentences