1v1 Broodmother Guide

Webs all over the map. Spiderlings threatening to take your towers down given every opportunity. The harrowing realization that you can’t exactly fight back when she tries to kill you.

These are the things that usually go through a person’s mind when they play against Black Arachnia, the Broodmother. The terrifying red and black spider terrorizes towers whenever she gets the chance, thanks to having easy access to large numbers of controllable minions. In addition, Spin Web gives her free pathing anywhere a web is present, allowing her to scale cliffs and make some pretty daring escapes.

Likewise, her webs allow her to quickly close the distance on a target that thinks he has the terrain and topography to protect him. This makes her a pretty potent ganker in the midgame, especially when paired with her passive skill Incapacitating Bite and her ultimate Insatiable Hunger.

For the 1v1 mid savants, a lot of these aspects also carry over to the matchup—with the exception of her ganking potential. When facing another Broodmother, the goal is not to kill her twice, but rather to cut creep waves through Spin Web and chip away at the tower with Spiderlings. Rather than go toe-to-toe with your opponent, cutting the creep wave allows to to focus solely on farming—and if he doesn’t respond in kind, his tower will only take even more damage from your own creeps.

This is done because there is no realistic scenario where going for the two hero kills is at all viable, barring your opponent making a set of extremely bad mistakes or having completely exploitable positioning. Broodmother hits her gank/kill timing in the mid game, which 1v1 never really gets to. Yes, you do have a low cooldown, highly damaging nuke, but it is better off used on creeps in order to add to your minion count rather than lane harassment or kill attempts.

To start off, buy a Courier, Stout Shield, and some Tangoes. Get one point in Spin Web, then head out to the lane. Place a web in the lane for now, as cutting the wave at level 1 when you don’t have Spiderlings to tank the creeps with is extremely risky even with a Stout Shield. You’ll want to save the wave skipping until you’re at least level 3, which is when your Q gives you two Spiderlings instead of just one. Once you’re at that point, you can place a web which will allow you to get up to the high ground outside of the tower’s range, and in between that and the tier 2 tower. The wave skipping starts here.

Concentrate on getting as many last hits as possible while you have the enemy creep wave delayed. You’re going to need a fast farming pace to succeed in this matchup, which we’ll get to later in this guide. If your opponent wisens up to your antics and responds correctly he will cut your wave in turn and the game will become a farming race for a while. Ideally, your opponent will not see this coming and lose a whole wave’s worth of gold to his own tower, and you will be ahead in farm. This can make or break a game, especially if your opponent panics and fails to formulate the proper response.

As the first few minutes pass by, continue investing into Spawn Spiderlings and start putting points in Incapacitating Bite. You can safely leave Spin Web at level 1, since its mediocre scaling in such a short matchup makes it a rather poor choice beyond that point. Your first item should be a Soul Ring, which will help you cast Spawn Spiderlings liberally whenever an enemy creep is at low health. Farm the rest of the wave with the Spiderlings and your regular attack, then sic your minions at the tower once the wave is gone.

Rinse and repeat while keeping your CSing up, then aim towards purchasing a Helm of the Dominator. If everything goes well, you should have a Dominator at the five minute mark—just in time for the first siege creep to spawn. Immediately take control of the opponent’s siege creep with the Dominator, which then greatly increases your DPS against the tower. If you get to Dominator first, you will be able to have two siege creeps hitting your opponents tower: one being the dominated creep and the other being the creep from your own wave.

From there, it’s pretty much just a matter of keeping the tower damage coming. Later on, you can cut the wave alone, then have your Spiderlings work on the tower in the meantime. Remember that the tier 1 tower has no backdoor protection, so abuse this fact whenever possible. The game should be over before any other items will matter.

So there you have it. The Broodmother matchup operates kind of the same way as the Jakiro matchup, but with more movement and creep skipping rather than straight up waveclearing with Dual Breath. It’s both a race to key items and a race to the tower kill, so a bit of multitasking will be important here. Keep your wits about you, and you should be able to knock the opponent’s tower down before he does the same to you.


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