1v1 Jakiro Guide

Jakiro, the Chimera, is often overlooked in 5v5 Dota 2 games due to his inherent unreliability as a skillshot-based hero. The fact that opponents can pop the magic immunity of Black King Bar right before the typical Eul’s + Ice Path combo takes effect means that it is indeed difficult to lock targets down with the hero.

And sure, the rest of his kit is pretty good for his intended role and purpose as an area-of-effect damaging support, but for the most part, it’s stuns, disables, and other forms of crowd control that truly win teamfights and games. All the damage in the world isn’t going to matter if you aren’t able to dish it out efficiently, after all, or if your opponents are simply able to turn around and fight you in spite of whatever heat you might be packing.

But in 1v1 mirror matches, all of these notions and opinions about Jakiro get thrown out the window. He happens to be one of the most popular choices for 1v1 games here on FirstBlood, second only to the almighty Shadow Fiend and the frightening Broodmother. His pick rate in 1v1 is in large part due to his efficient, low-cost spells, and the ease at which he can push creep waves and deal damage to the enemy tower for the secondary win condition. Jakiro 1v1 is basically a race to a tower win, as opposed to other 1v1 matchups where going for the two kills is a more viable choice.

This means that the only abilities that really matter are Dual Breath and Liquid Fire. Dual Breath is a potent skill when it comes to pushing creep waves to the other side of the lane, and should be used whenever the opportunity presents itself. Of course, you should aim to get your opponent in Dual Breath’s area of effect as much as possible, but it isn’t by any means required in order to reach the true goal: the tower.

Once the wave is pushed towards the opponent’s tower, you can start chipping away at it with Liquid Fire. Keep in mind that you can manually select the skill by either clicking on it or hitting the hotkey (in this case, E), then left-clicking the tower instead of putting the ability on autocast.

For those that may be unaware, this concept is called “orbwalking”, and is used by many other heroes with built-in attack modifiers. As opposed to simply right-clicking the tower with Liquid Fire—which causes the tower itself to lock its aggro onto you, orbwalking allows you to bypass aggro while still dealing the same amount of damage. Orbwalking is extremely important and valuable in the Jakiro mirror match, as it keeps your health up while simultaneously bringing you closer and closer to victory.

Apart from the skill build, though, the rest of the game plays out much the same as other 1v1 matchups. Start off with a Courier, some Iron Branches, and some Tangoes. Work towards a Null Talisman in order to increase your mana pool, which will allow you to cast Dual Breath more often. Of course, the increased Intelligence alone won’t really be enough, so Enchanted Mangoes and/or Clarity Potions are recommended.

Bottles aren’t really worth it for Jakiro 1v1 games, because leaving the lane in order to grab runes means that your opponent gets breathing room and space to push the lane towards your side of the map. Jakiro’s base movement speed, while certainly not below average, also means that he has trouble running to the runes and back to the lane in the first place. Not to mention that you  So it’s a much better idea to just stay in the lane, last hitting creeps and pushing the wave whenever you can.

Don’t worry about buying any “permanent” items, because most 1v1 Jakiro matches aren’t meant to last long enough for such pieces of equipment to matter anyway. But in the rare instance that the game does go past the normal length, consider buying Arcane Boots with your Courier. To maximize the Courier’s trip, though, try to place consumables in its inventory before sending it to the Secret Shop. This way, you won’t have to leave the lane at all in order to get it. But again, try not to sweat this detail so much—chances are one of the towers will be gone before you’ll even need it.

So to recap, your primary goal is to get a tower kill, not the two hero kills like what you see in other 1v1 matchups like Shadow Fiend mirrors. This is because Jakiro does not have the burst damage required to kill heroes on his own—even at level 6 when his ultimate ability Macropyre is unlocked. Thus, you should focus on leveling Dual Breath in order to shove the creep wave and get your creeps hitting the opponent’s tower, and Liquid Fire in order to tack on some more free damage on the tower at range.

Rinse and repeat, keeping the importance of orbwalking in mind. Purchase healing items and mana restoratives as needed, and stay in the lane as much as possible. If the creep waves are in the middle of the lane and Dual Breath is on cooldown, you can opt to harass your opponent with Liquid Fire—especially at higher levels when its own cooldown becomes short enough that you can safely spam it without losing out on tower damage.


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