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FirstBlood Survival Sunday League Details

Survival Sunday has a new league format for the year of 2019. Let’s dive into how to participate, the schedule, and the prize pools!

We are very pleased to announce our newest PUBG competitive league format with the Survival Sunday League.

2019 brings a new year to one of our favorite PUBG events, Survival Sunday. We will be changing our staple PUBG esports event from its current one-off format to a seasonal league format. With this new format, we believe players can enjoy the opportunity for more competition, chances to qualify, and ultimately a bigger final stage to compete on. 

League Format

Even with a new league format, we kept the same qualification method to ensure those who deserve and earn a slot get one. With that, let’s dive into the league format!

2019 will have six seasons of competitive PUBG play in our Survival Sunday League. Each season will last approximately two months or eight weeks of competitive play. The first seven weeks will follow normal Survival Sunday event format (wherein teams must qualify through qualifiers). The top two teams in each of the seven Survival Sunday events will receive an invitation to the Survival Sunday Finale on week 8, and the top 3 teams for every Survival Sunday League round and Survival Sunday Finale will receive cash prizes.

What if a team places in the first or second place in a previous Survival Sunday? If a team has already received an invitation, the next team down the final scoreboard will receive the invitation.

This qualification method for the finale event will result in fourteen invitations having been extended. The final two invitations (i.e. wildcards) will be extended based on certain metrics from the prior seven events. One invitation will be extended to the team with the highest non-qualifying score across all seven rounds, and another invitation will be extended to the team with the most kills in one round across all seven rounds.

The finale event will consist of the two wildcard teams and the fourteen top two teams from the prior seven events.

Prize Pools

Each Survival Sunday League round will have the following payout structure:

  • $720 split between top three
    • First place takes $400
    • Second place takes $200
    • Third place takes $120

Each Survival Sunday Finale will have the following payout structure:

  • $5,000 split between top three
    • First place takes $3,000
    • Second place takes $1,250
    • Third place takes $750

Total prize pool per season adds up to $10,040.



Here’s the first draft of the entire league schedule. This may be changed during the course of the season.

Season 1

Season 2

Week 1 January 6th Week 1 March 10th
Week 2 January 13th Week 2 March 17th
Week 3 January 20th Week 3 March 24th
Week 4 January 27th Week 4 March 31st
Week 5 February 10th Week 5 April 7th
Week 6 February 17th Week 6 April 14th
Week 7 February 24th Week 7 April 28th
Week 8 Finale March 3rd Week 8 Finale May 5th

Season 3

Season 4

Week 1 May 19th Week 1 July 14th
Week 2 May 26th Week 2 July 21st
Week 3 June 2nd Week 3 July 28th
Week 4 June 9th Week 4 August 4th
Week 5 June 16th Week 5 August 11th
Week 6 June 23rd Week 6 August 18th
Week 7 June 30th Week 7 August 25th
Week 8 Finale July 7th Week 8 Finale September 1st

Season 5

Season 6

Week 1 September 8th Week 1 November 3rd
Week 2 September 15th Week 2 November 10th
Week 3 September 22nd Week 3 November 17th
Week 4 September 29th Week 4 November 24th
Week 5 October 6th Week 5 December 1st
Week 6 October 13th Week 6 December 8th
Week 7 October 20th Week 7 December 15th
Week 8 Finale October 27th Week 8 Finale December 29th
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