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Dota 2 Hero Guide – Zeus
Zeus, the Lord of Heaven, is an intelligence hero commonly played in the solo mid or offlane positions.
Advanced Guide to PUBG DMRs
PUBG DMRs, or designated marksman rifles, is an extremely popular category that can get players a lot of kills.
PUBG Map Guide – Erangel
Erangel was the original map that came with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
PUBG Map Guide – Sanhok
Sanhok is the most recent map that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released.Set inside a jungle, Sanhok is a 4×4 kilometer map that offers players nonstop action. The loot settings for this map are turned up to high, so players are able to loot pretty much anywhere on the map and get kitted for the oncoming slaughter. However,...
PUBG Map Guide – Miramar
Miramar was the second map that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground released.
Dota 2 Hero Guide – Chaos Knight
Nessaj, the Chaos Knight, is a melee strength hero commonly played in the hard carry position.
PUBG Parachute Guide
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out over a year and a half and has sold over 50 million copies.
Advanced Guide to PUBG Submachine Guns
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a great selection of weapons that players can choose from.
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