The FirstBlood Sidekick Showdown – a Duos Vikendi Tournament Series
The FirstBlood Sidekick Showdown – a Bi-Weekly Duos PUBG Cash Tournament Series We are very pleased to announce our newest PUBG competitive tournament series with the Sidekick Showdown.
FirstBlood Announces Partnership with Divine Esports and Divine TV – Vietnam’s Largest PUBG League
FirstBlood has become the official partner of Divine Esports and the Divine PUBG League in Vietnam.
The FirstBlood Daily – A $100 Daily PUBG Tournament
The FirstBlood Daily – $1200 total prize pool PUBG Tournament From January 14th 2019 through January 26 2019, players can take part in the FirstBlood Daily – a free PUBG FPP tournament for everyone. Players will compete for $100 prize pool a day and top players will also receive gold tickets (Bonus Prizes), which can...
Survival Sunday League
FirstBlood Survival Sunday League Details Survival Sunday has a new league format for the year of 2019. Let’s dive into how to participate, the schedule, and the prize pools!
Press Release – Introducing FirstBlood Survival Sunday League
FirstBlood Announces “Survival Sunday League” – A New PUBG League Format FirstBlood has added to their original Survival Sunday concept with a league format for the year of 2019.
PUBG Item Guide – Attachments
With each gun in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds having the ability to have attachments equipped,
PUBG Item Guide – Ammunition
There are 8 different types of ammunition in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.
PUBG Item Guide – Equipment
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a good number of items, guns, and equipment that can be found throughout the game.
PUBG Item Guide – Consumables
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a unique way of healing the players in game.
Advanced Guide to PUBG DMRs
PUBG DMRs, or designated marksman rifles, is an extremely popular category that can get players a lot of kills.
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