October 21, 2016

FirstBlood to Launch Alpha Version of Esports Platform in Decemeber

For the upcoming TestNet launch, anyone signed up on Firstblood’s Slack channel at slack.firstblood.io as well as those signed up at the company’s official site — done by entering an email address — will be able to participate. There are close to 850 users currently signed up at FirstBlood’s slack channel.

September 27, 2016

Public blockchain investments heat up: $5 million in 5 minutes

But in 2016 alone, we’ve seen three extremely fast blockchain-startup fundraises based on the sale of their native digital tokens: Lisk (LSK) raised over $5 million in a month, Digix (DGD) raised over $5 million in 14 hours, and just yesterday, First Blood (1SŦ) raised over $5 million in less than five minutes. Each of these platforms is very much in its early stages.

September 26, 2016

Ethereum-based Esports Platform FirstBlood Raises US$5.5m in Mere Minutes

The correlation between Esports and cryptocurrency seems to become more obvious every year. The developers of FirstBlood have been thinking along the same lines, as they wanted to create a cryptocurrency-oriented ecosystem for gaming. Building a decentralized app on top of Ethereum, which lets Esports players compete through a decentralized and autonomous platform, sounds like quite the undertaking.

November 2, 2016

FirstBlood Looks To Reshape eSports Following $6.1M Crowdsale

FirstBlood noted its crowdsale raised $6.1 million in an exclusive announcement to CCN. The fundraising campaign has enabled the company to increase the size of its development team, as well as move its core team to a central location in Boston, MA.

November 2, 2016

FirstBlood Placed Second Place at Manatt Digital Startup Launchpad

The other two finalists, Vantage Sports and firstblood.io, who missed out will have done themselves no harm by delivering similarly strong pitches to an audience of potential investors in the Esports and gambling industries.

September 26, 2016

Decentralized Esports Platform FirstBlood Raises $5.5M in Minutes

Currently, organized Esports tournaments make up a multi-million dollar industry. For instance, this year, the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (“MOBA”) and First­Person Shooter (“FPS”) genres have a collective revenue of $1.6 billion. With the U.S. and Europe leading the market last year, the global Esports economy pulled in $748 million. This industry is growing exponentially with revenue expected to stay in the billions annually.