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Autonomous, Decentralized & Automated

FirstBlood will be the first decentralized app, built on top of Ethereum, that allows eSports enthusiasts to compete in their favorite games through a decentralized, automated platform.

FirstBlood aims to be the preferred global platform for skill-based eSports competitors. FirstBlood will play an essential part in shaping the future of blockchain-based projects, and it needs your support!

What's FirstBlood Token?

FirstBlood Token ("1SŦ") is an essential part of the FirstBlood ecosystem and economy. The four major utilities available to FirstBlood Token holders are:

(1) Playing matches

(2) Witnessing matches and voting on the jury

(3) Hosting tournaments

(4) Claiming rewards from referrals

Crowdsale information

Power Hour170:1

The FirstBlood Token (1SŦ) initial distribution is in the form of a pre-sale. Participants may acquire 1SŦ at a discounted rate by pledging Ether (ETH) into the token sale smart contract.

If you have other cryptocurrencies such as ETC, BTC or STEEM/SBD, you can convert into Ether via a third-party conversion service, and then use the Ether to acquire 1SŦ.

The first hour of the crowsdale will be a Power Hour. During the Power Hour, 1 Ether will buy 170 1SŦ. After that, the price will change to 150:1, and then decrease every week until it reaches 100:1 in the fourth week.

The crowdsale will be capped at $5.5 million USD, measured in Ether. As soon as this amount is reached, the smart contract will stop accepting new buy-ins. At the end of the four week period, token transfers will be locked for two months.

Funding Breakdown

The proceeds from this crowdsale will be used to covers costs involved in the development, release, and operation of FirstBlood. This pie chart is our best estimate of the funding breakdown.

Team Members

Joe Zhou
Project Lead, Dev
Joe is a derivatives trader who was the co-founder and CEO of Alt-Options, a Boston-based fintech startup. His most recent project is Solome, a solo matchmaking engine with the ability to autocheck game outcomes for League of Legends. He holds a B.S.B.A in finance and entrepreneurship and he is an ACAMS chartered anti-money laundering specialist. He has experience building and leading startups and he’s also fluent in both English and Chinese. Joe is a Gold III League of Legends player and also plays popular FPS games such as CS:GO and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
Marco Cuesta
Head of Business Development
Marco previously cofounded Alt-Options, a Boston-based fintech startup. He holds a B.S.B.A in finance and strategy and trades cryptocurrency. He is a chartered ACAMS (certified anti-money laundering specialist). He also has practical experience in marketing and design from running his own production studio, Cuestam Productions. Marco plays a variety of FPSs but is most experienced with CS:GO and TF2 on the Steam gaming platform. Gamertag: OmnesOmni.
Zack Coburn
Back-end Dev, Smart Contract Architect
Zack left a career as an options trader at a Chicago market making firm to be a full-time entrepreneur. His most recent project is EtherOpt, a decentralized options exchange built on Ethereum. Previously, Zack has founded or co-founded a variety of startups, including Chancecoin (alt-coin for gambling), Subvert and Profit (social media marketing site), DormItem (college classifieds), and Madhens (ad auctions). Zack is an avid Rocket League player and beginner at League of Legends. His favorite offline game is Death Note Mafia.
Anik Dang
Front-end Developer
Prior to FirstBlood, Anik worked at Alt-Options building and maintaining front-end functionality of its derivative trading platform. His most recent project is Solome, a platform for matching 1v1 games and tracking solo MMR ratings. For this, Anik designed and implemented the matchmaking engine. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University with coursework in computer science focusing on algorithms and computational performance. Additionally, Anik possesses experience in both investment and corporate finance and is fluent in 3 languages: English, Russian, and Vietnamese. Anik is an avid gamer, reaching a Master Guardian Elite rank in CS:GO and has recently started playing League of Legends.

Legal Counsel

Daniel Temkin
Legal Counsel
Dan is an attorney licensed in New York, Massachusetts and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He has years of experience advising, mentoring and representing tech startups. Prior to beginning his legal career, he worked in sales and marketing roles at Procter & Gamble Co. Dan is an old school RTS gamer who still has a solid Castle time in Age of Empires II.


Joey Krug
Technical Advisor
Joey attended Pomona College and discovered that his true calling was to design revolutionary systems on the blockchain. He is a core developer at Augur, a decentralized predictions market that raised over $5.3 million during its crowdfunding campaign. He is experienced in writing trading and consensus mechanisms on Ethereum contracts. Joey was also the first person to successfully conduct a Bitcoin transaction over sound. Most recently, the Thiel Foundation admitted Joey as a 2016 Thiel Fellow in recognition of his exceptional ability.
Mikko Ohtamaa
Technical Advisor
Mikko Ohtamaa is a blockchain entrepreneur having 15+ years experience in software and fintech industries. Mikko works for Revoltura, a Gibraltar based company in disruptive investment products. He regularly advises governments and financial institutions in blockchain matters. He is one of founders and former CTO of LocalBitcoins, the largest person-to-person Bitcoin exchange in the world. Mikko is also the sole creator of, the largest Bitcoin music store in the world.
George Popescu
Finance and Operations Advisor
George is a serial entrepreneur who is experienced in all aspects of a startup company including finance, operations and marketing. He is the chairman of the Board of Advisors for Gatecoin, a blockchain asset exchange and also the founder and CEO of Lending Times, a media and affiliate marketing company in the peer-to-peer, marketplace and alternative lending space. He previously founded and exited Boston Technologies (BT) group, a technology, market maker, high-frequency trading and inter-broker broker-dealer in the FX Spot, precious metals and CFDs space company. In 2011, BT was ranked #1 fastest growing company in Boston. George is Silver IV in League of Legends player, and also plays Witcher III, Total War series and many more strategy games.

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